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Be Where Your Customer Is

Local mobile advertising is one of the most popular methods of targeting across all industries; due, in part, to mobile’s on-the-go, unique characteristics. With local mobile advertising, advertisers are able to deliver highly-relevant ads to precise audiences at a specific time and place.

Intent varies depending on where your consumer is. Deliver ads to users within a specific area. Can be as narrow as 100 meters.


What a consumer needs at 9:00 am may be completely different from what they need at 5:00 pm. Use different messages to target shoppers based on their intent at different times in the day.


External factors impact how consumers feel and what they need. Advertise products/services that consumers are most likely to purchase depending on the environmental conditions.

Lifestyle Zones

Reach your target consumers where they are, in one or several of the following lifestyle zones: Business Districts, Residential Zones, Nightlife Zones, Shopping Malls, Hotels, Universities, Hospitals, Movie Theatres, Casinos and Racetracks

Target consumers based on where they are and what they are doing in their physical environment

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About US

We are group of digital media professionals knowledgeable, experienced and passionate about mobile advertising and marketing

We deliver Hyperlocal Mobile Advertising Campaings

We can target by date, day part, frequency cap, geographical location to a range of 20 square meters , daily budget, device and platform.

We can also target mobile carriers, and run hyper local advertising campaigns.

We use advance user audience profiling, and we can optimized base on CTR and eCPC

The first wave of data-driven optimization has transformed and disrupted the media-buying process and media-suppliers ecosystem. Looking ahead, the second wave of data-driven optimization will transform and disrupt the creative process and creative ad-serving. As a result, ads will become more real-time relevant, intelligent and personalized. As ads become less about clicks and more about engagement, the industry standards for advertising measurement will also change.

  • % global user smartphone uptake per annum
  • % Increase mobile web usage worldwide
  • % of hyper local advertising campaigns increase per year
  • % of Advertisers investing in hyperlocal advertising

Reach consumers where they can be found most often (looking down at their mobile devices)

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