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Publisher monetization UK

Having a solid monetisation strategy helps to generate revenue and help advertisers to fulfill their customer acquisition goals. Without a creative and methodical monetisation strategy any effort to generate advertising and media revenue becomes a serious struggle. That said, one of the most challenging aspects of scaling a monetisation strategies is to identify which tactics are the most efficient and effective in order to fulfil the publisher  KPIs while reassuring a pleasant visitor experience.

  • Programmatic Display Advertising Audit
  • Display Placements and format positioning
  • Account Creation of a Google manager account and a GTM account
  • Account creation of the Google Marketplace,and the Private Marketplace (PMP)
  • Help with the implementation of the relevant banner tags across the WOI website
  • Account creating of the relevant affiliate marketing
  • Affiliate program registration in line with the industry sectors agreed on the KPIs
  • Help with the Implementation of the affiliate tracking links across any affiliate program that has been approved by the Merchants / Advertiser